We are specialists

Sharp Recruitment is one of the most specialized recruitment firms on the market. We operate exclusively within our five areas of business and through this we have built a great understanding for our clients and their needs.

We have a strong network

Our clear focus has allowed us to build a significant network of candidates in the fields within which we operate. We make sure to set aside time to meet with candidates spontaneously, to further broaden our network and build long-term relationships.

We are headhunters

The greatest challenge in any recruitment process is to find the perfect candidate. We know from experience that job advertisements do not always generate sufficient results which is why we always, apart from searching within our own networks, dedicate a majority of our time searching for and contacting potential candidates.

We are dedicated, efficient and available

Timely delivery and client satisfaction are key to our reputation and continued growth. No matter what assignment we are working on, we will always dedicate the time and resources needed to succeed. We are a service-minded business and we make sure to always be available to our clients.

We are transparent

Working with Sharp Recruitment should always be easy. As a client we want you to be kept in the loop and feel well informed on the process and how it’s progressing, which is why we always send weekly reports summarizing the current status. Keeping an open communication is always a central part of our process.
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